TrendON 2x 3200mAH Li-ion spare replacement battery 1 Charger kit for LG V20 [12-Month Warranty] (2 Batteries 1 Charger)

Price: $25.00
(as of Jun 06,2018 08:35:03 UTC – Details)

The battery is compatible with all LG V20 smart phones, the battery will not fit any other model cell phones.

In the box:
Two (2) TrendON Li-ion 3200mAH rechargeable battery for LG V20 cell phone 12 months warranty service
One (1) TrendON folding blade trickle world travel charger, designed to fit the battery accurately takes the guess work out of charging. With this kit go from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds. Please note the charger is not a fast charger and will charge the battery at a slower speed that will prolong battery life.

Stylish Design and Functionality:
With an extra TrendON LG V20 battery you will never run out of battery life. Engineered to withstand the heaviest daily use. Fast charging, quick charging supported on this battery.

Best In Class Warranty:
If you need warranty service, please contact Amazon seller Tech Trend / TrendON and our customer service will handle all of your needs.

Compatible Models:
Fits all LG V20 (2016)
V20 F800 / F800S / F800K / F800L Korea
V20 H910 / H915 AT&T US
V20 H990DS Dual Taiwan
V20 H990N Dual Hong Kong
V20 H990T TelCel – Mexico
V20 LS997 Sprint – U.S.
V20 VS995 Verizon – U.S.
V20 US996 U.S. Cellular – U.S.
V20 H918 T-Mobile – U.S.

Latest Li-ion Technology:
TrendON rechargeable li-ion batteries are made of top quality A grade lightweight lithium cells and carbon material for a ultra portable product with high energy density and battery life.

Best in class capacity:
TrendON LG V20 batteries has 3.85 battery voltage and operates at 3200mAh. TrendON LG V20 battery can last up to 500 charging / discharge cycles. Recharging will not shorten battery life or affect memory over time.

LG V20 Cell phone and LG OEM battery are for display purpose, they are not included with this purchaseTrendON battery have an integrated microchip to prevent overcharging and overheating that helps lengthen the life of your battery.
12 months warranty. At TrendON, we stand behind our products with great quality to protect your investment and unsurpassed customer service. If you have any problems with your case, contact our friendly customer service for assistance 24 x 7. Products sold by Tech Trend.
Compatible with all LG V20 (2016) Models and Carriers (USA and International Models).
In the box: Two (2) 3200 mAh TrendON batteries that are manufactured to the same specs and top grade materials as the LG V20 OEM battery. One (1) TrendON folding blade worldwide travel trickle charger, designed to fit the LG V20 battery dimensions perfectly and works worldwide.
The complimentary battery charger included with this purchase trickle charges the battery for maximum battery life. The LED display that shows charging status. Trickle charge with automatic constant current control prevents battery from overcharging, short circuit, and electronic shock. This is not a high speed Quick Charger / Adaptive Fast Charger.

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